RAF Cyberspace Communications Specialist - Steven

Posted: 17th of December 2017 by RAF Eng

The engineering apprenticeship of Cyberspace Communications Specialist is one of the most diverse that the RAF offers.  Steven works in just one very exciting area.

Steven is a Senior Aircraftsman (Technician) in the trade of Cyberspace Communications Specialist, currently employed in Ground Support Systems (Typhoon) at RAF Coningsby, where a regular day’s work includes servicing and checking that servers and systems are functioning correctly. “For Specialist Trade Training I learnt about a variety of different subjects of which I had no previous experience: understanding basic computer components and functions, computing networks and configurations, radio and RADAR principles, Skill of Hand (including soldering, design and other crafting skills) and an insight into cyber. “I joined as a Cyberspace Communications Specialist. It seems to be the most diverse trade going, taking in satellite communications providing datalinks deployed across the world, day-to-day IT support for fixed systems, RADAR and Radio supporting units, and Ground Support Systems (GSS) tying into Engineer Support and Mission Planning/Debriefing for multiple air platforms. My current role is just one contributor to a wider spectrum. It provides information, data and communication technology to a variety of other specialist trades. These systems and data feeds directly support the wider picture including Intelligence trades, Aircrew and Engineers to mention just a few.  “By far the best part about GSS is deploying overseas in support of Typhoon squadrons. Away from Coningsby most problems and faults have to be resolved locally using your own experience and other members of the deploying team. “RAF Marham is my next posting, working on the Autonomous Logistics Information System in support of F35 Lightning II aircraft.

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