Learn, study and travel…all at the same time!

Do you want to study? And travel the world?

Live in amazing locations? And learn in inspiring study hubs?

Make friends for life? And build your international network?

Get a degree or other qualification? And gain skills to build a stand out CV?


Yes? Then become a Global Grad.

Be part of an innovative alternative to traditional university which enables you to travel the world while gaining an online qualification of your choice.

As a Global Grad, you study online. Your studies can be anything you like. For one or more periods of 15 weeks (aka, a term/semester), you’re based in incredible locations, where you’ve got access to inspiring and motivating study hubs.

Global Grads become a part of their new local communities; getting involved in local community projects, attending interesting networking events and talks at their study hubs, enjoying exciting roads trips and embarking on amazing adventures.