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Royal Air Force

Join the Royal Air Force and you will get much more than just a job – you’ll have opportunities that no other employer can hope to match. From worldwide travels to lifelong friendships, life in the RAF is a unique experience.  

The Royal Air Force performs a wide range of duties to serve and protect the UK and the world. We provide all personnel with a varied range of training and activities to make sure you're ready for anything.  

An apprenticeship in the Royal Air Force is a unique experience where you will be given hands on training with some of the most experienced and highly trained personnel in the world. Not only will you gain a professional qualification that’s recognised in the civilian world, you’ll also have a guaranteed job in your chosen field once you’ve completed it.  

You’ll receive the very best training and as well as getting paid to learn, you’ll get the chance to travel the world, play sport and perform an important role in the RAF.

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Cyberspace Communication Specialist (Unified Communication Technician Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship). Our Cyberspace Communication Specialists are at the heart of everything we do, nothing starts without them. Imagine a world without your mobile phone , WiFi or social media. Imagine a world where you can’t trust that someone isn’t reading your personal messages. Our Cyberspace Communication Specialists are responsible for maintaining all the communications networks the RAF rely on every...

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Intelligence Officer As an Intelligence Officer, you will find yourself leading a team of highly motivated, bright and flexible men and women as part of a Royal Air Force unit or within the Joint Forces Command organisation. Your training will ensure that you are equipped to develop a range of products using the latest reporting from a variety of sources including open-source, imagery, signals, human and cyber intelligence.   Very quickly, you will be responsible for collecting, collating and...

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Why you should join the RAF as an Intelligence Analyst (Linguist) •    Get paid to learn new languages (no language experience necessary!) •    Have a real-time impact on military operations •    Access supported undergraduate and post-graduate degree schemes.  As an Intelligence Analyst (Linguist) (Int An (L)) you will find yourself working within a team of highly trained men and women, who have the important responsibility of providing timely intelligence to military forces...

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  Are you looking for a job that will take you across the world and teach you key skills to help you cope with the most stressful of situations? Then you should consider an Air and Ground Steward Apprenticeship in the RAF. You will be trained in organisational and time management skills, excellent communication and number skills and have the ability to stay calm under pressure. You will be able to work in Military Messes supporting food services with our industry partners and delivering...

The Royal Air Force (RAF) polices the skies, protecting the UK from threats at home while peacekeeping abroad. Our full and spare-time roles offer skills for life, and a chance to play a part in operations around the world – from providing humanitarian aid to preventing a civil war.  Without the RAF Engineers this wouldn't happen.  We make up approximately 40% of the RAFs manpower. The Apprenticeships We have many Engineering roles to choose from delivered by the RAF who are rated as Ofsted...

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A Royal Air Force Survival Equipment Specialists fits and repairs the equipment that saves our personnel’s lives. They specialise in either Survival Equipment – fitted to aircraft – or individual Aircrew Equipment. Typical Responsibilities: Test and repair cutting edge night vision devices and emergency pilot locator systems Maintain anti-G force protective equipment like flying helmets for aircrew Repair emergency-escape parachutes and survival packs   We offer an apprenticeship with an...

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