About Us

Not Going To Uni was founded in 2008 and has captured the imagination of not only students, but parents, teachers and career advisors.

We are now the UK's leading website dedicated to helping school & college leavers make informed decisions about their future by showing the opportunities that exist outside of the traditional university route. These can include apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, gap years, traineeships and jobs. Despite this, we are not anti-uni!

We work with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Mercedes, Google, Facebook and many more… as well as local companies. We believe in allowing young people the best opportunities to ensure they have a great career in something they want to do!

Here's some key Not Going To Uni facts:

  • The #1 website for school and college leavers!
  • Over 140,000 visitors, on average, to the website per month.
  • Page 1 on Google for over 600 related search terms.
  • Over 63,000 followers across our social channels.
  • On average, we create 297,000 impressions across social media, monthly!
  • Generate thousands of applications per month.
  • Constantly evolving our strategies to keep up with the demands of young people.


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